Whatever the breed, it is best to get your puppy used to being visited by the groomer as soon as possible. When training your puppy it is important that they are well socialised and exposed to as many different noises as possible from a young age. Starting grooming early means that puppies can be introduced to all the sights and sounds associated with grooming so that they are well accustomed to the process by the time they reach adulthood and require regular grooming.


Puppy Introduction

This includes a brush, nail trimming, face, feet & sanitary trim and an introduction to the noises of grooming such as the clippers and dryer. This is available for puppies up to 20 weeks old, at a cost of £10. If your puppy is particularly nervous a further introduction session may be necessary, at no extra cost.

Puppy Groom

This service is for older puppies or for puppies that are already used to being groomed. It includes a brush, bath, brush & dry, nail trimming, face, feet & sanitary trim and an all over tidy up. The price depends on the age and size of your puppy and the condition of your puppy’s coat, so please feel free to call me for an approximate quote. For puppies that have had the puppy introduction a £5 discount is available if their groom is booked within two weeks of their introduction.

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