Prices depend on the breed, size and condition of your dog, as well as what you require from your groom. The prices below can be used as an approximate guide, or you can contact me for a more detailed quote, but please be aware that I cannot give a definite price until I have seen your dog. These prices are based on dogs with coats which have been well maintained, with few or no knots.


Wash & Tidy (not available for matted or heavily knotted dogs): 

Your dog is brushed to remove any knots, then bathed using appropriate professional grooming shampoo with as many washes as necessary to get your pet looking clean, followed by conditioner if necessary. Your dog is then fully dried and feet, sanitary & eye areas are trimmed. I can also check your dog’s nails and trim them if necessary.

Small short-haired (e.g Chihuahua, Min. Dachshund) - £12 | Small long-haired (e.g, Chihuahua, Min. Dachshund, Yorkie) - £15 | Medium & Large short-haired* (e.g Beagle, Bull Terrier) - £18 | Medium long-haired (e.g Cocker spaniel, Tibetan terrier) - £20 | Large long-haired* (e.g Husky, GSD) - £40

Full Groom: 

A full groom consists of all of the above treatments, then after being dried your dog is styled all over to fit your requirements, using scissors and/or clippers, to get the perfect finish for you and your dog. Also includes de-shedding for appropriate breeds.

Airedale - £40, Bichon - £34, Border Collie (short) - £30, Border Collie (long) - £35, Cairn Terrier - £30, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - £30, Cockapoo - £35, Cocker Spaniel - £30, GSD* (short) - £35, GSD* (long) - £38 Golden Retriever* - £38, Jack Russell - £28, Labrador* - £35, Labradoodle* (large) - £40, Lhasa Apso - £30, Norfolk/Norwich Terrier - £30, Toy Poodle - £30, Miniature Poodle - £35, Standard Poodle - £45, Miniature Schnauzer - £30, Shih Tzu - £30, Springer Spaniel - £30, Tibetan Terrier - £35, Welsh Terrier - £30, Westie - £30, Wire-Haired Fox Terrier - £30, Yorkie - £28

All grooms also come with a bow, hand-made by me, which your dog can keep.

Hand Stripping:

Hand stripping is available to those dogs with a suitable coat and temperament. Wherever possible hand stripping is the best method to use for dogs with wire-haired coats, however it is more time-consuming.

Airedale - £50, Border Terrier - £35, Cairn Terrier - £35, Jack Russell - £30, Welsh Terrier - £40, Wire-Haired Fox Terrier - £40

De-Shedding (Short-Haired & High Shedding Breeds):

De-shedding gently removes the loose undercoat whilst leaving the top coat, so your dog is left with a shiny coat and a drastic reduction in shedding. This service is perfect for breeds such as Labradors and Huskies.

If your dogs coat has some matting they will require extra time to be de-matted before bathing which may increase the cost of grooming. Dogs that are severely matted may need to be completely clipped due to the effects on your dog’s welfare. As a groomer I hate to do this and it is a last resort, but in some cases it is the only option as brushing out a badly matted coat is impossible without causing stress and discomfort to your dog and is in fact against the animal welfare act.

If you would like to book an appointment then please do not hesitate to contact me either by phone or email


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